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Sex slaves, human hunting trips, hitmen for hire: Dark web expert sorts fact from fiction

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Many people believe you can do anything on the dark web, from watching livestreamed murders to buying slaves in sinister human auctions — but how much is just urban legend ?

From hiring assassins to buying drugs to watching livestreamed murders, it’s commonly believed that you can do just about anything illegal on the dark web.

The untraceable side of the internet is a source of fascination for many, and it’s birthed thousands of urban legends about the kinds of depraved activities that go on there.

But how much of it is really true?

Chris Monteiro is a cybercrime expert who knows almost everything it’s possible to know about the dark web.

He says contrary to popular belief, it isn’t brimming with hitmen for hire who’ll take anyone out for a fee.

“It’s one of the most high-profile scams of the dark web,” he told the Daily Star.

“There are a cluster of hitman for hire scam sites. They often claim to be a gang with killing abilities.

“There’ll be an email or website conversation to provide details. The conversation either peters out or escalates to anding over money and planning the kill.

“Then there are always ‘delays’ which lead to requests for more money.”

Eventually the mark will realise they’ve been scammed, but they can’t exactly tell the police about what happened. So the cycle continues and it never becomes public knowledge that the famous dark web assassins are a myth.

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